Moving can be a very stressful experience..............

But not if you entrust to Broadway Relocation Services!!!

We understand that when its time to move, you want some one you can trust. Our services are so designed that they will remove the stresses and strains by taking care of all aspects of your move.

The First step towards achieving this is the Pre-Move Survey. Our Relocation Consultant will visit your home at your convenience and taking an extensive survey of the items you wish to move. Make sure to point out things that require special handling, such as fragile porcelain, glassware and sensitive items, high value articles and family heirlooms. This will help us provide you with an accurate estimate and also advise you of the most appropriate personal moving plan. Ensure our consultant knows what items you intend to be packed and moved from your residence.

With thorough assessment and evaluation of your items, we assure you of using only the best and most suitable packing materials that guarantee protection of your extra delicate pieces. But most important, we place highest premium on the constant training of our personnel and staff to ensure utmost professionalism in every job.


After the pre-move survey, we will send you a detailed proposal tailored to meet your requirements. The proposal will list out details about the packing, number of days required, transit time, insurance, documentation required at origin / destination, services being offered by us and the costs involved . based on the volume estimated by our consultant on the survey. As the proposal is based on the items shown to our Consultant on the day oF the survey, it is important that you ensure you have not missed out on any items. In case of any changes in the items being moved, be sure to inform our consultant accordingly. This is to ensure that the proposal you receive is in keeping with your requirements to a great extent. Attached to the proposal will be our Acceptance Form which you will be required to sign and send back to us confirming your acceptance. Upon receipt of the Acceptance Form we shall contact you to arrange for the packing and loading dates. Should you want to pack any personal item yourself, we can arrange to have the cartons or other packing materials delivered to you prior to the packing day.


Broadway takes pride For professional packing, greatest care and undivided attention to the invaluable assets of our customers. It is true that every moment passed by is full of uncertainties, happenings and eventualities and accidents can and do happen for variety of reasons, and the effects of loss or damage can have serious and often expensive consequences for those relocating.

We therefore recommend you to enrol for ‘ ALL RISK “ Insurance Coverage Policy to have your goods fully protected and ensure complete peace of mind.


For many people having to move is more worse than facing a dentist’s drill. The closer you get to moving day, the more psychological and emotional stress take their toll on you and rightfully so.

Just Relax our professional team of packers, co-ordinators, Supervisor will take care of each and every item for packing, will be coordinated for smooth acceleration, hassle Free handling and timely delivery at destination.

On the appointed day of packing, our professional packing team will arrive at your home together with all of the packing material required. Our crew leader will introduce himself and take round for inspection of the goods to pack, will set them to work. The crew leader will then hand over you various forms to complete, including the Insurance Proposal Form. The team will pack everything to the highest standard, using only material of superior quality. Our crew leader will complete a written inventory for you after the packing is finalized. Please sign it and retain one copy. After the packing has been completed, we will arrange for your goods to be transported through Air/Sea/ Road as the case may be.