Quick & Safe Packing

We know how important it is for a client to have peace of mind in knowing that that their valuable art is being handled with precision and care. That is why we implement a rigid set of guidelines for our relocation specialists to follow in order to maintain the pristine condition of every piece of art we are tasked to move.

We use the highest quality packing and protective equipment to make certain that your pieces of art will be delivered in the same flawless condition they were picked up.

Moving Safely

Unlike regular movers, our art movers use the best tools for the job. We use special containers for all sizes of art to make sure that the artwork, on whatever medium, is in pristine condition at all steps of the process, from coming in to packing to going through shipping, and finally leaving packing to be set up for display.

Deliver Safe

After the secure transit, your pieces can begin to fill your new home with the same warmth as before. This will allow you to be able to relax sooner and have you get used to adjusting to your new home. We believe your art is a reflection of who you are, so having your art hanging up in your new home or office as soon as possible and delivered Safely will make your space personalized with your own unique personality in no time.


Insurance Peace of mind